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With the mobile workers representing a large portion of the workforce, it is important to have a secure mobile text messaging system in place to connect those workers to the home office. Zinc, the secure all -in-one communication platform, provides seamless communication via text, voice, and video from any device. 

Zinc is built for business and designed to keep everyone in the loop by:

  • Enabling secure messaging to coworkers and groups
  • Allowing coworkers to call eachother without swapping numbers
  • Providing end-to-end encrypted video calls over Wi-Fi and cellular
  • Connecting to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more to send files
  • Communicating locations, photos, videos, and voice messages

Zinc is the secure mobile messaging solution to keep your team mobilized and productive. Download our eBook with a quick tap to learn more about Zinc.

Zinc is Designed for Secure Work Communication

  • Zinc is Loved by Users

    Loved by Users

    Text, voice, video, one-click group calling, location sharing, walkie talkie and more, in mobile and desktop apps.

  • Zinc is Trusted by IT

    Trusted by IT

    Designed for IT control and management. Secure, compliant and easy to administer.

  • Zinc is designed for companies with workers in the field

    Designed for the Field

    Built for companies and industries where workers spend their days away from desks.


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