Secure Your Mobile Workforce

Zinc Will Secure Your Mobile Workforce And Increase Productivity

With workforce employees are using their own devices for communication at work, it's crucial to offer secure messaging options to keep your organization safe. Introducing the most secure mobile messaging app brought to you by Zinc. 

Zinc delivers a top-ranked messaging platform to secure your mobile workforce by providing communication  via text, voice, and video from any device. Trust Zinc for your workforce to:

  • Streamline communication to get immediate responses and increase productivity
  • Send photos and files instantly
  • Call across the world with no long distance charges
  • Mitigate a crisis by communicating a fail-proof plan with mass notifications

Change the way you communicate with Zinc and keep your mobile workforce completely aligned and secure. Download our eBook today and discover how Zinc is transforming the workplace.

Zinc is Designed for Secure Work Communication

  • Zinc is Loved by Users

    Loved by Users

    Text, voice, video, one-click group calling, location sharing, walkie talkie and more, in mobile and desktop apps.

  • Zinc is Trusted by IT

    Trusted by IT

    Designed for IT control and management. Secure, compliant and easy to administer.

  • Zinc is designed for companies with workers in the field

    Designed for the Field

    Built for companies and industries where workers spend their days away from desks.


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