Walkie Talkie Mobile App Replacement

Walkie Talkie Mobile App Replacement

While walkie talkies have been around for some time, they ultimately lack in some key features that can enhance employee productivity and the guest experience. 

Given that most employees are carrying around a smartphone in their pocket, many businesses are looking for walkie talkie mobile app replacements. Enter secure messaging apps like Zinc. 

Zinc provides a modern, secure alternative to walkie talkie mobiles that's more efficient, productive and private. Zinc brings together the features employees embrace with the controls your business demands, including: 

  • Text, video, or voice messaging 
  • Custom mobile alerts to individuals, teams or the entire company
  • Easy photo and file sharing from mobile and desktop
  • Instant location sharing and voice memos
  • Administrative controls and integrations

It's time for a walkie talkie mobile app replacement. See how your business could benefit from Zinc's secure messaging app in this exclusive eBook. 

Zinc is Designed for Secure Work Communication

  • Zinc is Loved by Users

    Loved by Users

    Text, voice, video, one-click group calling, location sharing, walkie talkie and more, in mobile and desktop apps.

  • Zinc is Trusted by IT

    Trusted by IT

    Designed for IT control and management. Secure, compliant and easy to administer.

  • Zinc is designed for companies with workers in the field

    Designed for the Field

    Built for companies and industries where workers spend their days away from desks.


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